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You know what we have in common?  Food.  No matter who or where you are, we all have a love of food.  That food is an important part of our lives and plays a key role in our health.  That food doesn’t magically grow in a supermarket or in a restaurant, it’s cultivated by hardworking men and women in the agriculture industry.

With fewer people involved in production agriculture, the communication gap between farmers and consumers is wider than it ever has been.  Here on the Farm Traveler Podcast, we are on a mission to learn exactly how our food is made by interviewing farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and anyone involved in the agriculture industry.  We hope these episodes better educate consumers and help farmers share their knowledge. Check out our weekly episodes as we go behind the scenes of food production.

Check out our weekly Podcast as we interview farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, and others involved in the agriculture industry.

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