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You know what we have in common?  Food.  No matter who or where you are, we all have a love of food.  That food is an important part of our lives and plays a key role in our health.  That food doesn’t magically grow in a supermarket or in a restaurant, it’s cultivated by hardworking men and women across the world.

Every day we come across right and wrong information about our food that not only can affect our health and our wallets but can also impact those hardworking individuals who produce our food.  Here at Farm Traveler, we are on a mission to bring to light the facts and put to rest misleading information.

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Have you ever heard someone talk about organic produce and how much healthier it is for you?  Maybe you’ve wondered why there are 2,500 varieties of apples.  Or perhaps you’re one of the millions of people that’s heard the term ‘GMO’ but have no clue if it’s good or bad for you.

We have asked the same questions and are now on a mission to find the answers.  Join us as we search through the agriculture industry to meet the farmers and ranchers who produce our food, the politicians and lawmakers behind regulations, and teachers and extension agents who are focused on improving agriculture literacy around the country.