Farm Traveler Podcast

As we refocus on Farm Traveler this year, a possible avenue we might venture down is a podcast.  Specifically, a podcast focused on interviewing farmers, ranchers, and anyone directly involved in the agriculture industry and hearing their stories.  Stories of success and stories of failure.  We hope to gain a better understanding of these individuals roles in agriculture, hardships they have faced, and what drives them.  We hope to help give you a glimpse of the people behind our food industry.

This is where we need your help.  If you or someone you might know might be interested, please contact us at  We are looking for anyone involved in the indsutry agriculture, no matter if its past or present experience.  Feel free to pass on to anyone and everyone!

More to come soon!

One response to “Farm Traveler Podcast”

  1. Enjoyed looking around your site a bit… have you thought about adding a subscription button so folks would get new content sent automatically?

    Also, would be glad to intro you to some of the other podcasters in this space if you don’t know them… am sure you could pick up ideas from each other.

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