The future Farm Traveler Podcast

A few weeks ago we decided to dabble with the idea of starting a Farm Traveler podcast.  There’s got to be a million podcasts out there right?  So why start another one?  But the more we thought about it, the more practical it seemed.  I sat down and scrolled through my Facebook friends list and the Farm Traveler Instagram page and messaged as many people as I could that might be willing to be on the show.  I was hopeful but also doubtful that anyone would say yes.  Much to my surprise, we’ve got a boatload of guests who were willing and eager to be on the show!  After three weeks of planning, we already have 10 episodes finished and another 5 set for the next two weeks.  How crazy is that?!  So far we’ve covered cheese making, the olive industry in Texas, and Ag Ed programs in Georgia, just to name a few!

Now the point of this podcast is two-fold:

  1. Teach consumers about food production
  2. Provide a resource for farmers and individuals in the ag industry to share their stories

We all have a story to tell.  Farmers especially have countless stories of success, failure, and loss that are often overlooked.  I want to bring those stories to light so we can see who they really are and learn what we can do to better support American Agriculture.  I also think it’s best for consumers to learn about food production straight from the source and not a soccer-mom blog, a reality star doctor, or a friend they know that once stepped foot on a farm in middle school and claims they know everything about agriculture.  Let’s learn straight from the people in the Ag industry that are doing their part in bringing you the safest, most abundant food supply in the world.


On April 6th, the Farm Traveler Podcast will officially launch on iTunes and Spotify.  Simply search on those platforms for ‘Farm Traveler Podcast’ or check our website.  On launch day, you will be able to listen to our first three episodes with the first being a detailed account of why we are doing the podcast and what you can expect over the course of the series.  We have interviewed vegetable producers, dairy farmers, cheese makers, Ag Ed professors, extension agents, and people working for a wide variety of companies in the ag industry.  Every week we will bring you a new episode in hopes of learning more about the ag industry and the people in it.

Stayed tuned to Farm Traveler for news and updates on the podcast.  Each week we will post who our guest is and what topics we will be discussing.  Now if you could…Tell EVERYONE you know about this podcast!  This isn’t a typical podcast, this is important!  Get the word out so we can crash Apple Podcasts because we have so much traffic for the podcast.  Seriously…if this happens I promise I’ll buy everyone a Chick-fil-A gift card.  No lie.

Thanks for stopping by and we can’t wait for you to listen to the Farm Traveler Podcast.


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