Podcast Ep. 32: Ranching, Farming, and Family – JaTanna and Natalie of Ranch Wives Beef Co.

Ranch Wives.png

JaTanna and Natalie are the brains behind Ranch Wives Beef Company.  They also have some of the hardest jobs out there, working on a ranch and being mothers.  JaTanna and Natalie will talk to us today about their life ranching in Nebraska and Montana, using social media to educate consumers, and much more!

Connect with JaTanna and Natalie:

Ranch Wives Beef Website

Ranch Wives on Instagram

Additional Episode Links:

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Show Highlights:

  • Ranch Wives Beef Company
  • Life on the Ranch
  • Montana and Nebraska Ranching
  • Beef
  • Dry Aged Beef
  • Social Media Usage
  • Agriculture Advocates
  • Family life on the farm
  • #Ranchlife


  1. This is a great post thankss


    1. Absolutely! Thanks for the comment!


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