Podcast Ep. 34: Bridging the gap between farm and fork – Animal Ag Alliance

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Animal agriculture is a vital part of the industry that is receiving a ton of media attention with debates on plant based meats, carbon emissions, and much more.  Our guest today is Casey Kinler with Animal Agriculture Alliance.  Animal Ag Alliance is all about keeping everyone in animal agriculture on the same page as well as bridging the gap between farm and fork.  Casey will explain the mission of Animal Ag Alliance, tips they give to livestock farmers, information on their Primed and Prepared Summit, and more.


Connect with Animal Ag Alliance:

Animal Ag Alliance

Facebook page


Additional Episode Links:

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Show Highlights:

  • Animal Agriculture Alliance
  • Animal activists
  • Farm and Fork
  • Primed and Prepared Animal Ag Alliance Summit
  • Educating with social media
  • Combating misinformation
  • Biggest animal agriculture misconceptions
  • Plant based meats
  • environmental stewardship of animal agriculture

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