Podcast Ep. 36: Butterball – A Thanksgiving Special


There is a HIGH chance that you will be eating some turkey on Thanksgiving day.  And there is also a pretty high chance that turkey is produced from our guest today, Butterball!  Today we have the pleasure of interviewing two people that work at Butterball, Rebecca Welch, the senior brand manager, as well as Wellie Jackson, a Butterball contract grower.  Rebecca will talk to us about the history of Butterball, the Turkey Talk-Line and much more.  Wellie will explain what it’s like to be a contract grower, the process of raising turkeys, misconceptions, and some great Thanksgiving cooking advice.

Thanks to Butterball for being on this Thanksgiving episode!  And THANK YOU to all our listeners, we are so glad you’re here and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


Connect with Butterball:

Butterball Website

Turkey Talk-Line: 1-800-Butterball

Additional Episode Links:

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Show Highlights:

  • History of Butterball
  • Preparing for the Thanksgiving rush of Turkey
  • Funny stories from the 1-800-Butterball Turkey Talk-Line
  • Contract growers for Butterball
  • Growing environments for turkeys
  • Turkey meat facts
  • Misconceptions
  • Cooking advice for Thanksgiving
  • Thoughts on the farmer/consumer relationship

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