Podcast Ep. 38: The science and art of butchery with Jake Levin



I’ve always been fascinated with the art of butchery.  The skill and knowledge to breakdown an animal carcass into countless cuts of meat that can be turned into delicious steaks, stews, roasts, and so on.  And also to treat the animal with such respect that very little goes to waste.  My first real impression of a butcher was an old guy on my favorite childhood TV show, Hey Arnold  Although very little was explained by the characters quick appearances, it still seemed like a cool gig.  The history and techniques of butchery work is something you don’t hear or see very much of anymore as the neighborhood butcher becomes a thing of the past.  Well today, we will learn a thing or two about the art and science behind butchery work.  Our guest today is Jake Levin.  Jake travels to farms, chefs, and homesteaders and processes whole animals. Jake also does workshops to showcase his process and most recently released his book, Smokehouse Handbook. His book focuses on the history, techniques, and some recipes for smoking meats.

Connect with Jake:

The Roving Butcher Website

Smokehouse Handbook

Smokehouse Handbook on Amazon

Additional Episode Links:

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Show Highlights:

  • Jake’s start as a butcher/Roving butcher
  • Different cuts of meat on an animal
  •  Difference in meat quality with grain feed/grass fed
  • Jake’s favorite cuts of meat
  • Underrated cuts of meat
  • Basics of lamb
  • Process of aged meats
  • Animal welfare and protesters
  • Jake’s educational work with workshops and demonstrations
  • Jake’s book: Smokehouse Handbook
  • What inspired Smokehouse Handbook
  • Jake’s advice on smoking meats
  • Thoughts on the farmer/consumer relationship

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