Podcast Ep. 40: Getting Fit with Dairy – Emily Shaw


It’s the beginning of a new year!  Most of us might have made some goals to better ourselves in the new year in ways like eating better, exercising more, basically getting in shape like The Rock.  Our guest today is Emily Shaw, better known on Instagram as Dairy Girl Fitness.  Emily has created a platform on motivating people to get fit and as she puts it, “Help women build confidence, feel strong & eat the foods they love.”  Emily will share her knowledge on planning your workouts, best practices on diets and supplements, and how she advocates for the dairy industry.  This is a super informative podcast if you are interested in fitness and getting in shape this year!  Be sure to follow Emily on her Instagram page for more fitness advice!

Connect with Emily:

Emily on Instagram

Additional Episode Links:

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Show Highlights:

  • Emily’s background
  • How to watching what you eat
  • Prioritizing workouts
  • Women’s fitness
  • Misconceptions with dairy
  •  Sharing the story of animal Ag
  • Animal based protein vs plant based protein
  • Tracking Macro-nutrients
  • Understanding supplements

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