Podcast Ep. 41: How and Why Farmers Need “Off-Farm Income” with Matt Brechwald


Our guest today is Matt Brechwald.  Some of you might know him as the man behind podcasts like Off Farm Income and the new podcast, Microphone Money. In our interview today, Matt will talk about the many reasons farmers might need some off-farm income, entrepreneurship advice he gives his listeners, and how he has turned podcasting into a successful career.


Connect with Matt:

Off-Farm Income Website

Off-Farm Income on iTunes

Microphone Money on iTunes

Additional Episode Links:

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Show Highlights:

  • Matt’s entrepreneurial background
  • Off-Farm Income Podcast
  • Learning about money entrepreneurship in FFA with Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE)
  • Finding your passion
  • Why farmers need some extra income
  • Cash flow on farms
  • Fasting growing region in the United States
  • How Matt got started podcasting
  • Talking about successful corn seasons
  • Getting started podcasting
  • Microphone Money Podcast
  • Thoughts on the farmer/consumer relationship

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