Podcast Episode 45: Beef and Ellen Degeneres?


In our digital age, going viral can lead to some pretty neat opportunities like going on talk shows or even just having your message reach millions of people.  Our guest today went viral just a few months ago (Sept 2019) in an attempt to fight some popular false claims about the agriculture industry.  Amanda Radke is an Agriculture Speaker, Beef Blogger, and pretty much a jack of all trades.  Amanda has a background in Ag Communications, writes for BEEF Magazine, and working with beef cattle.  She currently runs her website (amandaradke.com),  advocates for agriculture as a guest speaker, and writes a Beef newsletter.  You might remember Amanda from a few months ago when she went viral for a post in which she asked Ellen for a chance to come on her show to talk about beef production and some false claims the media continues to share regarding agriculture.  Today on the show, Amanda will talk about her speaking background, beef facts and misinformation, and how going viral helped get her message out there.

Connect with Amanda:

Amanda’s Website

Amanda on Instagram

The Article Calling Out Ellen

Additional Episode Links:

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Show Highlights:

  • Amanda Radke’s background
  • Public Speaking in FFA
  • FFA National Convention
  • Walking out of Carrie Underwood concert
  • Going viral
  • Getting on the Ellen Degeneres show
  • Dealing with misinformation on beef
  • Beef and the environment
  • Methane and Carbon Dioxide
  • Professional speaking
  • Advocating Agriculture
  • The Impossible Burger
  • Beef Labeling
  • Business Strategies
  • Fighting Activists


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