Podcast Episode 49: Former National FFA Advisor Dr. Larry Case


Dr Case

The National FFA Organization is the county’s largest student-led organization and is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.  Membership in the FFA is open to any student enrolled in an agricultural education program and can be found in states from Alaska to Puerto Rico and from Maine to Hawaii.  I might be a little biased here, but the FFA is a wonderful organization that provides it’s students with numerous education and leadership development experiences while also showing them all that the agriculture industry has to offer  Maybe you were an FFA member in middle or high school,  or maybe you never joined but have seen a few kids rocking that blue corduroy FFA jacket.  The blue jacket represents a great deal.  From the farm kids that started the organization in 1928, to the ever ongoing struggle to show the world that agriculture is much more than sows, cows, and plows, and to the over 700,000 students that proudly wear that jacket today.

One of those former members went on to accomplish a great deal in the organization in one of the highest positions the organization offers.  Former National FFA Advisor, Dr. Larry Case was appointed by the United States Department of Education in 1984 as the education specialist for agriculture, agribusiness, and natural resources education, one of his many responsibilities included his time spent as the National Advisor.  During his tenure, FFA membership grew a tremendous amount, the organization’s named changed, and numerous educational innovations were made for agricultural education.

In our interview today, Dr. Case will discuss his upbringing in Missouri, how he transitioned from teaching high school agriculture education classes to working with the Missouri department of education and the Missouri FFA.  Dr. Case will also highlight experiences and job duties during his tenure as National FFA Advisor and what he has been up to since he retired from the position in 2010.


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Learn more about the National FFA Organization:

National FFA Website


Show Notes:

  • Dr. Larry Case
  • National FFA Organization
  • Growing up in Missouri
  • Teaching high school agriculture education
  • Teaching in 1968
  • School admin to Missouri State Department of Education
  • Missouri FFA Advisor for 8 years
  • Working with the United States Department of Education
  • 1984 – Becoming the National FFA Advisor
  • National FFA Foundation
  • National FFA Board of Directors
  • Shifting the curriculum to be broader and more inclusive
  • Last session as an advisor in 2010
  • A standing ovation
  • How he is enjoying retirement


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