Podcast Episode 51: Addressing Mental Health in Agriculture – Ag State of Mind Podcast


Mental health is a hot issue nowadays.  More and more people are coming to terms that it’s OK to have some anxiety and not too happy thoughts.  The important thing is to acknowledge those emotions and find ways to not let them control you.  The agriculture industry has its fair share of mental health problems going on, as many farmers across the world are going through difficult times like 3rd or 4th generation dairies closing down due to milk prices plummeting.  Our guest on the show today is on a mission to bring the mental health debate front and center in Ag.

Our guest on the show today is Jason Medows, pharmacist, rancher, and podcaster of the show Ag State of Mind. Jason started his podcast to help start the conversation on mental health in agriculture and how it is impacting farms across the country. Be sure to check out Jason’s Podcast on your podcast app of choice as well as http://www.agstateofmind.com

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Check out Jason’s podcast on your app of choice or at the links below:

Ag State of Mind Podcast

Ag State of Mind Website


Show Notes:

  • Growing up in Missouri
  • Becoming a Pharmacist
  • Cow/Calf Operation
  • Grain vs grass-finished
  • Master of Beef Advocacy
  • Ag State of Mind Podcast
  • Mental Health in Agriculture
  • Common Mental Health Issues


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