Podcast Episode 53: Growing both organic and conventional crops


Copy of April

Season 2 is here!  Our first guest is April Clayton, Ph.D., with Red Apple Orchard.  With season 2, we will be learning more about the differences and similarities between organic and conventional agriculture.  April just so happens to do both types of production with her apple and cherry operations.  In our interview today, April and I will chat about her background, the orchards organic and conventional methods, and April’s thoughts on consumer viewpoints towards organic produce.  Listen to the episode below, or on your podcast app of choice!

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Check out April and Red Apple Orchard at the links below:

April on Twitter

Red Apple Orchard on Facebook

Show Notes:

  • Background of Red Apple Orchard
  • April’s background
  • Growing both organic and conventional
  • Storing apples and cherries
  • Demand for organic fruit
  • Reasons growers choose organic
  • What organic production looks like
  • Are organic pesticides toxic?
  • History of the organic movement
  • Common misconceptions consumers have on organic production
  • Do consumers want organic produce and do they know what that means?
  • Is organic production more consumer-focused or environmentally focused?
  • Biggest hurdles in communicating with consumers


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