Podcast Episode 54: Farmer and YouTuber – Zach Johnson




Behind Google, the largest search engine in the world is YouTube.  People love learning and watching other people.  Whether it’s learning to fix a stove, or watching a new dance craze.  And when it comes to farming, people love learning from actual farmers on what goes on behind the scenes.  Our guest today is Zach Johnson, possibly the biggest farming personality on YouTube with almost half a million subscribers.  In our interview, Zach, also known as the MN Millennial Farmer, will explain how he got started farming and how he is using social media to showcase what goes on at the farm.


Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Check out Zach at the links below:

Zach’s YouTube Channel

Zach on Instagram

Show Notes:

  • Zach Johnson – Millennial Farmer
  • 5th generation farm
  • Growing corn and soybeans
  • Starting YouTube
  • Using social media to educate about agriculture
  • Fighting misinformation
  • Organic vs Conventional agriculture
  • Tillage
  • Uses of soybeans
  • Spraying costs pesticides and fertilizers
  • Issues facing machinery repair
  • Building an online presence
  • The benefit of not constantly throwing facts

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