Podcast Episode 56: The Booze Traveler Talks Hemp

Jack (2)

Want to see the interview?  Check it out on our YouTube Channel.

I’ve done a lot of cool things thanks to this podcast.  But interviewing today’s guest might top the list.  One of my favorite shows is Booze Traveler.  It highlights drinks and spirits from across the world and the transition they play in local life.  I’ve always thought of mixology and the art of spirit making as super cool.  Alcohol demands respect and to be enjoyed responsibly.  Much like food, it is something each culture has it’s own spin on.

The host of Booze Traveler is our guest today (trying to contain excitement) Jack Maxwell!  Jack and I will talk about his start and how he landed a Booze Traveler.  He also has a new project, The High Road with Jack Maxwell, in which he explores the booming hemp industry and the many ways people are using it.

Sit back and get ready for an awesome episode.  And if you like, feel free to crack open a cold one and enjoy.  You can even join our toast at the end of the interview.  Be sure to check out Jack and his new project at the links below!

Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Check out Jack at the links below:

The High Road with Jack Maxwell YouTube Channel

Jack’s YouTube Channel

Jack on Instagram

Show Notes:

  • Jack growing up in Boston
  • Jack’s start on Booze Traveler
  • Oddest Drinks from around the world
  • Guinness Factory Tour
  • Temple Bar
  • Tahiti Drink
  • The High Road with Jack Maxwell
  • Why the hemp industry took off
  • Difference between hemp and marijuana
  • The benefits of hemp

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