Podcast Episode 61: Crop Dusters and World Explorers


Ag Aviation (1)


Growing up I always thought planes were super cool.  Especially fighter jets.  Every few days or so, F-15 Eagles based out of Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, would practice their dogfighting maneuvers over the middle school I went to.  At break or PE, my friends and I would always stare up to the sky and watch them.  We would always cheer anytime we saw some jets pop some flairs or fly fast enough to break the sound barrier.  An even rarer treat is when they would buzz the school so close that you could almost see the pilot.

I’m still fascinated with airplanes and when I found out today’s guests combine both aviation AND agriculture, I just had to have them on.  Tyson and Cally are the two adventurous people behind Ag Aviation Adventures.  Through social media outlets like YouTube and Instagram, Tyson and Cally document the behind the scenes workings of crop dusting, their daily schedule, and also educate consumers on how spraying effects crops.  Their videos are super informative and take viewers inside the cockpit with Tyson as he talks about various agriculture topics during his spraying route.  This is a great conversation with Tyson and Cally and I highly suggest you check out their YouTube and other content.


Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Check out AG Aviation Adventures at the links below:



Adventure Rig on YouTube

Adventure Rig on Instagram

Show Notes:

  • Start of Ag Aviation Adventures
  • Daily life and schedule of crop dusting
  • Offseason life
  • Fighting misinformation
  • How much pesticides is used on crops
  • Spraying GMO and organic crops
  • How Cally runs the ground operation
  • What makes crop duster planes so special
  • Fish guts for organic crops?


What I learned from this episode:

  • I’ve always wondered how exactly crop dusters line up and spray their crops.  I always thought it was just a line of sight sort of system, but thanks to Tyson, we all have a better understanding.  On the front of the aircraft is a lightbar that is connected to the plane’s GPS system.  Based on pilot input into the GPS, both before and during the flight, the lightbar helps guide the pilot to the correct approach angle before passing over the field.  This guiding system helps ensure very little overlap occurs when spraying fields.


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