Podcast Episode 62: Florida’s Berry Best Berries


Nick W

The berry best berries?!  Get it?!  Dad joke for the win.

Florida is home to the winter strawberry capital of the world, Plant City!  Which is also home to our guest today.  Nick is from Wish Farms which grows all the berries you know and love, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and much more!  In our interview today, Nick will cover the background of Wish Farms, their production techniques, how they work with partner growers in California and Florida, as well as why they have both organic and conventional production techniques.



Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Check out Wish Farms at the links below:

Wish Farms Website

Facebook Page


Show Notes:

  • History of Wish Farms.
  • Growing process of berries.
  • Plant City, winter Strawberry Captial of the World.
  • Working with partner growers.
  • Florida and California berries.
  • Why do berries mold so quickly?
  • Growing Organic and Conventional.
  • How organic production differs from conventional.
  • Covid-19s impact.
  • Floirida’s $12 billion dollar fruit and vegetable industry.
  • Do organic crops use pesticides?
  • Are organic and conventional crops just as healthy?
  • Thoughts on the farmer consumer relationship.


What I learned from this episode:

  • After doing some research, I didn’t know that Florida’s fruit and vegetable industry is over $12 billion dollars.  That’s a lotta green.


Call to Action:

I hope you are enjoying these interviews as well as learning a thing or two about food production and the agriculture industry.  If you think a friend or family member might enjoy the podcast, consider sharing it with them!  Simply sharing the website, http://www.thefarmtraveler.com, or telling them to search “Farm Traveler” on their favorite podcasting app, are great ways they can listen and stay up to date on episodes.




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