Podcast Episode 63: Lessons Learned Podcasting with Jason Meadows


Copy of Jason and I


Let’s talk podcasting!  Today on the show is a former guest and fellow podcaster Jason Meadows.  You might remember Jason from a few short months ago, he was a guest and talked about his podcast, Ag State of Mind, which is aimed at addressing mental health in the agriculture industry.  On today’s show, Jason and I talk about what we’ve learned podcasting, tools we use, and where we hope our shows go in the future.  Also, curious if a podcaster likes listening to their own voice?  You’ll find the answers to all those questions in this episode!


Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Don’t forget to check out Jason’s podcast at the links below:

Ag State of Mind Podcast

Ag State of Mind Website


Show Notes:

  • How Jason and I got started podcasting
  • Ag State of Mind Podcast
  • Farm Traveler Podcast
  • What has podcasting has taught us?
  • Crafting the perfect interview.
  • Tools of the trade.
  • Headliner, Notion, Audacity, Adobe Audition, and more great software for podcasting.
  • Why FREE podcasting tools are the best tools.
  • Do we like hearing our own voices?  No.  Not at all.
  • Future plans and goals for our podcasts.


Call to Action:

I hope you are enjoying these interviews as well as learning a thing or two about food production and the agriculture industry.  If you think a friend or family member might enjoy the podcast, consider sharing it with them!  Simply sharing the website, http://www.thefarmtraveler.com, or telling them to search “Farm Traveler” on their favorite podcasting app, are great ways they can listen and stay up to date on episodes.




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