Podcast Episode 69: Why do cranberries grow in a pond?



I LOVE cranberry juice.  Growing up, my dad always rationed his supply of cran-grape juice and would call us out anytime we drank more than we should have.  Fast forward to my first day out on my own as a college student, I bought a gallon of cranberry juice.  I called him bragged that I have a gallon all to myself.  It really is all about the little things in life.

Today on the show, we have Amber Bristow, a 5th generation cranberry grower in Wisconsin.  Amber will talk to us about the growing and harvesting behind cranberries, which is a lot more difficult that I originally thought, and what it’s like working with OceanSpray, the leading cranberry growers co-op.  She’ll also answer a burning question, why do farmers flood cranberry fields and how do they prevent frost damage on their crops.  Be sure to check out Amber over on Instagram as well as her new podcast, Forward Farming Podcast with co-host Becca.


Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Don’t forget to check out Amber at the links below:

Amber on Instagram

Forward Farming Podcast

Forward Farming Podcast Instagram


Show Notes:

  • 5th generation cranberry farmer
  • Working in sports to working on the farm
  • Basics of cranberry production
  • Soil/Sand requirements for growing cranberries
  • Why they flood cranberry beds
  • Growing, Draining, and Dams
  • Harvest times in Septemer to November
  • Frezing crops to protect from frost
  • Adding sand and ice to protect the berries
  • Working with Oceanspray
  • Starting a podcast: Forward Farming


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