Podcast Episode 73: What Makes Coffee “Fair Trade”?


Do you like coffee? I love coffee. Today, my guest is Ben Weiner of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers a specialty coffee farming group that is aimed to connect coffee roasters with coffee farmers. Ben is going to educate us on the coffee trade, why coffee has risen in popularity, and how Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is working to bring high quality coffee to coffee lovers everywhere.

Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Don’t forget to check out Gold Mountain Coffee Growers at the links below:

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers Website

Gold Mountain Coffee on Instagram

Show Notes:

  • Ben’s background
  • Why so many types of coffee
  • What is “Fair Trade” coffee?
  • Why has coffee gained in popularity?
  • COVID-19’s impact
  • Misconceptions of coffee
  • Best brewing methods

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