CashRent is Changing the Renting Game

I’ve always wanted to start an actual farm. What would I grow? Honestly, no clue yet. I’ve dabbled in hydroponics, but can’t get the science down at all. Maybe corn? Peanuts? Or strawberries or oranges, but it does get a bit too cold here in NW Florida for those fruits.

But of course, to start a farm, you need…LAND! Which, at the moment, Allie and I only have about 1/3 of an acre in city limits. Which I’m fairly certainly we couldn’t start a row crop operation in the backyard (we could…but we would probably have a lot of complaints.)

So what is there to do? Well, actually quite a lot. I’ve learned more and more that renting farmland is a pretty simple solution for farmers. Most farms that are 2nd or 3rd generations, have the luxury of having the land passed down from the previous generation. Beginner farmers aren’t so lucky and often have to search for available land which usually doesn’t come cheap. There has to be an easer way, right?

Farmers need land to grow crops. Some landowners have vast amounts of unused land that would actually be perfect for farming. Enter, farmland renting. It’s a win/win for all parties involved. Farmers get easy access to land and landowners get paid for their unused parcel. These agreements used to be handshake agreements between two parties, with the real issues being finances (shocker!). Farmers don’t want to pay too high of a price of land, while landowners want a fair price to rent out their land. is here to fix that dilemma.

CashRent is making the whole farmland renting process easier for all parties involved. CashRent is able to use aerial maps and soil data to develop a fair price of any land available on their platform. No more guessing on land value! This ensures landowners are getting a fair income on their land, while farmers aren’t having to pay unfair prices. This is also a wonderful tool due to available farmland in the U.S. shrinking at an alarming rate. You’ve probably heard it before, but farmers are constantly having to do more with less, and that includes farmland. This platform allows farmers to search in Illinois and Indiana, and soon the rest of the U.S., for farmland that will suit their needs. More land is easily marketed to anyone who might be interested, helping both the farmers and landowners get high quality tenets.

CashRent helps Landowners and Farmers cultivate the lessor/lessee relationship in a simple and transparent way.

Not only does this help first time farmers looking for farm land in their area, it also helps farmers expanding their operations.

After chatting with co-founder, Noah Berkson, I learned that larger operations are expanding and getting high quality land for their farms. Noah stated that while some farms bid for land hours away from their headquarters, often it’s those large farms that are already right next to the land up for rent.

If I had much more land in my name or if I was ready to start a farming operation, I would absolutely use CashRent to look for land or lease some out. If you are a farmer or landowner, I highly suggest you check them out. They will be expanding throughout the continental Untied States very soon and with that, more farmers and landowners can use their amazing service. They even have a super easy tool, Cashrestimate, that can give you an estimate for your lands value (only currently available in Illinois as of 2020, but soon they will be expanding).

Learn more about CashRent by visiting their website or by listening to my interview with Noah, below!

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