Off and on for the last few years I have attempted journaling. Each morning, actually only mornings where I’m able (aka not lazy enough) to wake up early, I’ll get a cup of coffee or tea, and sit down to journal. The current book I’m journaling with is Bob Goff’s Live in Grace, Walk in Love, which I highly recommend. I’ll read a days passage in the book and then answer the prompt at the end. Usually it’s something along the lines of what I need to trust God with or how I can practice my faith, and believe you me, there is a lot I can improve on both.

When I do journal, I feel pretty productive the rest of the day. It’s a simple habit to start the day that motivates me, kinda like making your bed each morning.

I did finally bite the bullet and buy a 3-week productivity journal. Actually super excited for it. The journal breaks down each day, goals, things your grateful for, habits you want to work on, and a daily reflection. I’m hoping the structure of this, helps me consistently journal as well as continue to find time to journal with Bob Goff’s book.

Although I am not super consistent at journaling, I HIGHLY recommend it. Doesn’t matter your age or stage of life, getting all your thoughts down on paper, really do help digest everything going on. Maybe give it a try if you don’t already journal. Doesn’t matter if you write down one sentence or a few pages, just journal.

One of my greatest creations, and journaling experiments, is a big memory journal I started back in college. I had the idea to write down any huge or impactful moments, just so I could remember the lessons. I’ll keep it brief, but it includes movements from when I was a teaching intern or when I had dinner at a Masonic Lodge. Even moments as big as going to the ER or even, my favorite, meeting Allie. Big moments change our lives. And journaling help our future selves remember them. If you want to hear more about the memory journal (yeah, it does sound cheesy), let me know! I’d be glad to share some stories.

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