Ep. 90: Honest, Sustainable Meat – The Honest Bison

When was the last time you had Bison? It was probably at a Ted’s Montana Grill or a fancy restaurant. Honestly, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve had a bison burger, time I change that! Our guest today, is bringing one of the most high-quality meats out there, bison and even veal, straight to you door. Sean Lenihan is the founder of Honest Bison, a meat delivery company focused on suppling consumers with healthy, sustainably grown meat. Sean and I will chat about his background and the start of Honest Bison, how they work with ranchers of bison, and even discuss the concept of farmers and ranchers developing costs of food based on nutrition instead of weight.

Check out Honest Bison at the links below

Honest Bison Website

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Show Notes:

  • Sean’s background
  • Working in marketing with companies like Aston Martin and Activision
  • Building a valuable brand
  • The Honest Bison story
  • The popularity of bison
  • Working with ranchers
  • Sustainable ranching and meat production
  • High demand, low availability meats
  • COVID-19’s impact
  • Adjusting cost of food on nutritional content INSTEAD of by weight
  • Benefits of organ meats
  • Ordering from Honest Bison

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  1. A unique American burger known as the bison burger is a type of hamburger that uses meat from the North American bison. Although this burger has less cholesterol and fat than typical burgers, the higher price of buffalo meat makes it a special treat.


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