Ep. 93: How FarmTogether is Changing Investing

Curious about learning more when it comes to investing? What about investing in farmland? Then you will find today’s episode very helpful.

This week I sit down with Artem Milinchuk, founder and CEO of FarmTogether, an online investment platform that makes investing in farmland as simple as it’s ever been. In our interview, Artem will explain why farmland investing is usually safer than the stock market, what returns are like, and how a reduction in available farmland might lead to greater profits for investors. Be sure to check out FarmTogether at the links below!

Check out FarmTogether at the links below

FarmTogether Website

Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Show Notes:

  • FarmTogether
  • Artem Milinchuk
  • Farm land investing basics
  • Why farmland investing is a safer bet than stocks
  • Investment returns
  • Long-term vs short-term investments
  • Investing strategies
  • Process of farms selection with FarmTogether
  • Availability to US/International Investors

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