Do what scares you.

So you’ve heard about Allie and I’s boat. We love taking it out with friends to Shell Island (a little peninsula where all the locals go to hangout on weekends in the summer), fishing, or even afternoon trips with Sadie.

Truth is, I’m always scared to take it out. I’m scared the waves might be just too choppy. That the motor might breakdown…again. That we might run out of gas. Or maybe we make a fool of ourselves at the boat ramp. Honestly, that is the MAJOR reason. I’m pretty good at launching the boat, but loading that boat up after a trip…well let’s just say we are still figuring that one out.

But, 9 times out of 10. Everything is just fine. The waves aren’t that bad. The motor doesn’t stop working. And LUCKILY, we haven’t made fools of ourselves at the boat ramp.

Every time we leave, and Allie will 1000% back this up, I’m so glad we took the boat out. Being out on the boat and just enjoying being outside is always so fun and relaxing. Even with all the added stress.

So, lesson of today: Do what scares you.

I always remember the quote, “The more meaningful experiences of life are outside your comfort zone.” It’s do darn true. We always remember those moments were were, at first, super nervous of scared of. But then we remember how fun or rewarding they are.

So, for a quick personal development article on this Monday morning. Remember, do what scares you. You’ll be glad you did.


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