Ep 102: Forward Farming Podcast and Wisconsin Ag

My guests today are Amber and Becca from the Forward Farming Podcast. You might remember Amber, a Wisconsin cranberry grower who we had on a few months ago, who is joined by Becca, a Wisconsin dairy farmer. Amber and Becca are two friends who actually met on social media and were quick to bond over their passion for all things Wisconsin. On our show today, I interview Amber and Becca about their farms, podcasting, and more! And be sure to check out the Forward Farming Podcast, Amber and Becca also interviewed me on podcasting, what I’ve learned, and lots more! Check it out here!

Check out Amber, Becca, and the Forward Farming Podcast at the links below:

Amber on Instagram

Becca on Instagram

Forward Farming Podcast

My Interview on their show!

Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Show Notes

  • Amber and Becca’s background
  • Wisconsin agriculture
  • Cranberry production
  • Dairy production
  • Growing up on the farm vs being new to farming
  • Starting a podcast
  • Working with Charlie Berens

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