Ep 115: Farming without the bank?

Mary Jo Irmen is the woman behind Farming Without the Bank. In our interview today, Mary Jo and I chat about how she developed this strategy, why farmers have to buy the farm generation after generation, and how financing don’t have to be super complicated!

Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Show Notes

  • Mary’s background
  • How do farmers make the bank plan B
  • How do farmers leave a legacy so we are not buying it with each generational change
  • Why farmers need to think of themselves as a banker and they need to be bank owners
  • The “Infinite Banking” concept 
  • Why it’s not bad for farmers of any size to be told no from the bank
  • Why farmers having control of their money is a HUGE factor in when to sell or hold
  • Mary’s Podcast: Farming without the Bank

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