Ep 119: What makes Florida Beef special?

When you think of Florida, you probably think of beaches and Disney World. And honestly, you wouldn’t be wrong. But, believe it or not, Florida is actually huge in the beef industry. In fact, the largest beef cattle ranch is located here in the sunshine state! Today, to learn more about beef and its role in Florida, I chat with Gene Lollis from Florida Cattle Ranchers. Gene and I chat about the history of Florida beef and major breeds throughout the state, why land conservation and sustainability is so important in ranching (and how ranchers have been at the forefront of conservation for decades), and how the rise in direct to consumer beef products is improving the relationship between producers and consumers.

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Florida Cattle Ranchers Website

Florida Cattle Ranchers on Instagram

Florida Cattle Ranchers on Facebook

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Show Notes

  • Gene Lollis (Law-less)
  • Florida Cattle Ranchers – Sharing the story of Florida Beef 
  • History of Beef in Florida
  • Desert Ranch – One of the largest beef cattle ranchers in the United States
  • How COVID impacted beef processing
  • How does beef play into sustainability?
  • Land conservation in Florida.
  • Misinformation in beef and it’s impact on the environment
  • The biggest struggles wit beef ranching

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