Is procrastination good for productivity? Maybe?

Who here procrastinates?

Everyone? Ok. Good, glad I’m not alone.

I used to think that procrastination was a bad thing. And well, when left unchecked it kind of is. But, when done right, procrastination can be a good thing.

Take the below video. It’s one of my favorite Ted Talks ever. Also, it seems to be a favorite of over 43 million other people, that all maybe procrastinate from time to time as well.

Unlike the procrastination monkeys, as described in the video, I view my procrastination demons more as penguins. They are pretty slow but somehow still alive.

Plus, penguins are way cute.

So whatever your procrastination penguins are, use them wisely. Sometimes they are helpful. Other times, not so much.

When it comes to beating your procrastination, I’ve heard experts say to put big items first so you can knock them out and then have some inspiration to finish other tasks.

This week I’ve taken on the big task of planning out my week and it’s the first time in ages I’ve done so.

Will I actually follow it…..well…maybe.

But I can tell you that just writing everything down and scheduling it all out is already making me feel better.

Procrastination Penguins: 0. Trevor: 1.

Not a bad start to the week.

Thanks for reading!


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