Ep 123: Can Regenerative Farming Feed the World? – The Ecology Center

Can agriculture and the environment FINALLY live in harmony? I believe they can and so do many experts. One such way is by agroecology which is combining the knowledge of ecology with the science of agriculture. Our guest today is Evan Marks from The Ecology Center in California. Evan has an expansive background in agroecology and permaculture and he has spent time working in California, Hawaii, Mexico, and Nigeria in learning and developing agroecology practices. In our interview, Evan explains the background of agroecology, how regenerative agriculture is the future, and how farming can build better relationships with farmers, consumers, chefs, and communities.

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Show Notes

  • Mark’s background
  • Taking classes on marine biology in high school
  • Studying agroecology
  • Working extensively in permaculture and agroecology in California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Ghana, and Nigeria
  • What are Permaculture and Agroecology?
  • Ecological experiences: berry picking classes, farm stand and CSA program (which also donates 100 CSA boxes per week to food-insecure folks in the area), as well as a new six-month Apprentice Program for young adults to learn about regenerative agriculture.
  • Current food systems and policy, and his vision for
  • How to expand regenerative farming on a mass scale
  • How do we minimize our industrialization and harm to the planet, and therefore take better care of each other, either as farmers or as consumers?
  • How to implement regenerative agriculture practices
  • What about your biggest win?
  • Thoughts on farmer/consumer relationship.

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