Big things happening in 2022

In case you didn’t see our post on social media, there will be a slight change to the posting on content on the Farm Traveler podcast channel. But don’t fret, it’s nothing major!

Podcasting has been an amazing hobby that I am now able to turn into a side hustle. I am now producing a few other Ag-related shows, more info on those soon! But, to help with not getting overworked and also balancing my day job and a master program I’m taking, we will be changing up the scheduling of FT content.

Every other Tuesday, you’ll be getting new podcast episodes.

Every other Friday, you’ll be getting new Farm News Friday episodes BOTH on the podcast channel and over on our YouTube channel (and if you haven’t already, go and subscribe to the channel HERE).

That’s it! Nothing else major. Just more time for me to produce high-quality content for you on food and farming.

Thanks again for the support. For listening and sharing this fun passion of mine. Can’t wait to see where it goes in the new year!

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