Ep 140: Farming Around the World

My guest today is Franck Groeneweg, a farmer that has one amazing story. Franck grew up in France, moved to Iowa, then Canada, and now Montana, farming all along the way. In our interview today, Franck and I chat about his background, why he and his family practice regenerative agriculture, the importance of building relationships with other farmers, and much, much more!

Here is a great write up on our guest today, Franck Groeneweg:

All the world is a wheat field. At least, that’s how it has looked to Franck and Kari Groeneweg, owners of Living Sky Grains. 

Before arriving in Three Forks, Montana, the Groenewegs were on a quest to find the farm of their dreams. Along the way, they dirtied their boots on farms in France, Canada, and across the United States. Theirs is a story of commitment to family, to regenerative agriculture, and giving back to the earth as much, or more, than the crops they harvest.

Living Sky Grains Website

Franck on Twitter

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Show Notes:

  • Franck’s background – Farming in France, Iowa, Canada, Montana
  • Growing wheat, canola, chickpea
  • Growing spring and winter wheat, canola, Chickpeas and Flax in regenerative agriculture practices on 15,000 ac.
  • What is regenerative agriculture?
  • Is regenerative agriculture worth it? For both you and the environment?
  • Starting flour mill and setting up a direct to consumer business
  • Selling to bakeries
  • “Products with the best nutritive quality”
  • Starting a flour mill and oil press

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