Ep 144: What is the “Cowboy Perspective”?

This week, we will be talking to Neil Dudley from Pederson’s Farms, a direct-to-consumer meat company. Pederson Farms’ first product was a no added sugar, no hormones, no added nitrates, no antibiotics, vegetarian-fed, humanely raised bacon. The company now carries a wide assortment of products from hams to sausages, hotdogs, and deli meat. As the company’s vice president, Neil has helped Pederson Farms see a 1000% revenue growth over the past 10 years. Neil is passionate about the agriculture industry, sustainable farming and ranching practices, and the western lifestyle. In our interview, Neil and I chat about his background and the background of Pederson Farms, what sustainability looks like on the farm, his passion for cowboy life and western culture, the impact the tv show Yellowstone has had on culture, and the mentality of “No Days Off.” And when you’re done listening, be sure to check out Pederson Farms’ website as well as their podcast, Powdered by Protein Podcast that’s also hosted by Neil.

Thanks so much for listening to the Farm Traveler podcast. Be sure to check out the links below for Pederson Farms and their Powered by Protein Podcast hosted by Neil.

Pederson’s Farms Website

Powered by Protein Podcast

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Show Notes:

  • Neil’s background
  • History of Pederson’s Farms
  • What does sustainability look like on the farm?
  • Beef and pork products from one farm?
  • What does your direct-to-consumer model look like?
  • Developing “Grit”
  • The ‘Cowboy Perspective”
  • Meal kits include Whole 30 and no sugar
  • Pederson’s Podcast: Powered by Protein! “Making the Best Better.”

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