Ep 147: Beef, Beer, and Amazon?

This week, we will be talking with Rob Rastovich an Oregon rancher who runs his family’s 100-year-old ranch and also works as the Chief Technology Officer for ThingLogix, an IoT or Internet of Things company focused on helping businesses create applications that run on Amazon Web Services. Rob has an extremely interesting background in developing technology geared towards the Internet of Things and working with Oregon breweries to supply his cattle with a unique type of feed. Rob’s family ranch, called Barley Beef, uses spent grain from beer brewing in their feed and also offers direct-to-consumer purchases both in terms of cuts of beef as well as whole cow. In our conversation today, Rob and I will chat about the history of his family ranch, why they decided to incorporate beer grains into the diets of their cattle, how easy it is to purchase a whole cow for your freeze, and what cuts of meat that includes. On the technology side of things, Rob and I will talk more about what it was like to create a company that was eventually bought out by Amazon, the impacts of new technology on the job market, and how technology can create more convenient food purchasing options for consumers.

Barely Beef Website: https://www.barleybeef.com/

ThingLogix Website: https://www.thinglogix.com/

Chirpley.com: https://www.chirpley.com/

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Show Notes:

  • Rob’s Background
  • How did you become a rancher and a CTO?
  • History of farm – Over 100 years-old
  • Barley Beef- Beer by-products as cattle feed and fertilizer
  • Why feed cattle beer mash?
  • Do different types of mash cause different flavors in the finished beef?
  • Buying direct
  • How can technology help more consumers buy direct from farmers?r
  • Buying a whole cow – Cost advantages and storing suggestions.

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