Ep 161: Rain Bird Agriculture and Water Efficiency

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Greg Palumbo from Rain Bird Agriculture. In our interview, Greg and I will talk about the history of Rain Bird, the efficiency of irrigation systems, and water issues impacting farmers.

Tree Stories Link: Tree Stories Landing Page | Rain Bird

Instagram Link: Rain Bird Agriculture (@rainbird_agriculture) • Instagram photos and videos

Rainbird website: www.rainbird.com

Rain Bird Video: “A legacy of irrigation innovation”

Show Notes:

  • History of Rain Bird
  • Efficieny of Irrigaiton Systems
  • Drip Irrigation vs Sprinklers
  • Why farmers might choose one system over another
  • Water Issues
  • California droughts impacting farmers and residents
  • Future trends and technology
  • What Greg has learned about farmers
  • Innovation

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