A deep quote to start the week…

You ever hear a quote so good that you can’t stop thinking about it?

I heard one a few weeks ago from Chris Williamson and I have not been able to stop thinking about it.

“Hell is where who you are meets who you could have been.”

Dang…that’s a deep quote if I’ve ever heard one.

Chris mentioned the quote during his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast and it even stopped Joe in his tracks.

I think it says a lot about us and how we view ourselves. Who could we be if we stopped procrastinating? What goals could we achieve if we actually sat down and planned them out? And that sometimes, our worst enemy is…ourselves.

I’ve also been reading Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday and it’s so far, an amazing read. Deep dives into how our ego can destroy us if we let it. And how, if we allow our ego to direct our lives, we might not actually become who we are supposed to be.

So as we start this week, what does that quote make you think? Do you have a long ways to go in becoming who you think you can be? Let me know. And, have a great week!


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