171: Ending the Debate: how do you pronounce “Pecan”?

In today’s interview, I chat with Alejandra and Mackenzie from Pecan Grove Farms. We’ll chat about the start of Pecan Grove Farms, how it takes sometimes 7-10 years until some trees can be harvested, and finally settle the age-old debate is it “Pee-can” or “Puh-khan”.

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Show Notes:

  • Background of Pecan Grove Farms
  • What makes Texas a good place for growing pecans?
  • Working as an Agronomist
  • Marketing Pecans
  • Growing pecan trees
  • How long does it take for pecan trees to start producing?
  • The machinery involved in harvesting
  • Supplying container trees
  • Working with other companies to sell pecans
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Farm Tours

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