173: Does Regenerative Farming Lead to Better Meat?

Can better-raised beef (and even just meat in general), lead to better health? What about the impact of regenerative farming on livestock and ecosystems? Those are just a few of the topics we’ll cover in today’s interview with Eric Prener, from Rep Provisions, a direct-to-consumer company providing regeneratively raised meats. In our interview today, Eric and I will chat about how he grew up on the farm and started a career in the oil and gas industry before coming back to the farm to try his hand at regenerative ranching. We’ll also talk about how these regenerative practices are measured, why our diets have been worsened over the years, how Rep Provisions pivoted from shelf-stable products to fresh meats to meet consumer demand, and why nature actually needs cattle to graze (despite what crazies like the Impossible CEO have to say).

Check out Rep Provisions at the links below

Rep Provisions Website

Sauces and Marinades

Rep Provisions on Instagram

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Show Notes:

Eric’s background – From growing up on the farm to going into oil and gas industries before returning to the farm

What are regenerative farming practices?

Challenges to regenerative farming

Is this getting back to basics with raising livestock?

What standards govern regenerative practices?

Can regenerative farming realistically feed the world?

Visiting Will Harris at White Oak Pastures

Regenerative Ag revitalizing small town America

The relationship between meat and health (which is often misunderstood)

The impacts of monocrops and seed oils on our health

Encouraging other farms to go regenerative

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