174: Rancher, Advocate, Ultra Runner – Beef Runner

This is a good one. On today’s episode, I chat with Ryan Goodman, aka Beef Runner, on all things beef, how farmers are building relationships with consumers, the importance of diversity in Ag, and his tips on getting into running. Ryan is a rancher, Ag speaker, and ultra runner that is highly active online in helping educate others in the industry on how to better build communities.

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Show Notes:

Ryans background

Speaking engagements

COVID’s impact on speaking engagements and conferences

Internet issues in rural America

The importance of Starlink

Growing up on a cattle ranch

Current beef industry issues

Preventing food supply chain issues

Regenerative farming vs feed yards

Misinformation on labels that lead to perceptions

Price impacts of food and food access

Diversity in AG

How you can take action and be an ally

LGBTQ community in Ag

Ultra marathons

Tips on starting out running

Changing your mindset

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