178: The Hardcore Carnivore

Jess Pryles is the mind behind Hardcore Carnivore, countless viral cooking videos, and a lot more! On today’s interview, Jess and I chat about how American BBQ fascinated the native Australian, how to achieve the perfect steak crusts, and why grain-fed meat tastes different than grass-fed. We’ll also talk about her thoughts on hunters knowing where their food comes from, working with other online cooking personalities, and how she started Harcore Carnivore.

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Show Notes:

Growing up in Australia and moving to Austin, Texas

Does Australia have BBQ?

Working with Gerber Knives

Max the Meat Guy

Do hunters know more about where their food comes from?

Meat Science from Iowa State

What is the Myard reaction?

Grain-fed vs Grass-fed

What makes Wagyu so tasty?

Cooking with less popular cuts of meat

Busting meat myths

Tips and tricks for the perfect steak

Can you flip a steak too much?

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