181: The intersection of Trout and Faith

This week, I chat with Ty Walker from Smoke In Chimneys, a Virginia rainbow trout farm. Ty has a great story to share on how he and his family started their trout farm, how farm-raised fish and wild fish can and should coexist, and the importance of faith. We’ll also talk about how Ty built a great partnership with White Oak Pastures. Learning about how Ty’s faith has impacted his business was super cool and refreshing to hear. In times of struggle and doubt, Ty relied on his faith and some pretty cool things started happening.

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Show Notes:

Ty’s Background – What got Ty started raising fish?

The process of raising Trout – Rainbow Trout – What is a trout hatchery and how long does it take trout to reach market size?

Working with White Oak Pastures – Working with like-minded farmers and ranchers.

Farmed fish vs Wild – Can farmed fish and wild fish coexist?

Fish farming sustainability – How is this sustainable? And is it helping restore wild fish species?

Farm, Food, Prayer – What is this intersection all about?

Being open and sharing your story online.

Favorite ways to cook trout – Is smoked trout the way to go?

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