183: Bison, Opening a Farm Store, and Mental Health in Ag

Bison Bison Bison. Not only is, Bison Bison Bison an accurate scientific name for American Bison, but it’s also a sign of what this episode is on: Bison! On episode 183, I’m chatting with David Noorloos from Copper Flats Bison Co. in Wyoming, Ontario. David and his family have done some amazing things for their local community and the bison industry as a whole. So far, they’ve raised a bunch of bison, opened a cool farm shop, sold their bison meat, and held several events at their farm for the community. In our chat today, David and I talk about how different bison are from raising beef cattle, the resurgence of bison meat over the last few years, and how they started their own farm shop to help sell their meat. We’ll also talk about several community events they’ve held at the farm, working with local chefs, and raising donations for local outreaches. David also has some great insights on some of the mental health struggles farmers and ranchers are facing and how more tools are becoming more readily available to farmers around North America.

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Show Notes:

David’s Background

Bison vs Beed Cattle

Nutritional differences of Bison vs Beef

The popularity of bison meat

Bison history in the US/Canada

Community events on the farm

Opening a Farm Store

Mental health and farming

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