188: Plants, TikTok, and Disney’s The Land

On the agriculture side of things, I’m team plants. I’ve always enjoyed house plants, gardening, and really just learning more about the little green things that grow. On this week’s episode, I get to geek out about plants with a certified plant expert, I mean he’s literally a plant professor and wrote a book on plants. Vikram Baliga is a professor at Texas Tech and host of the Plantrhopology podcast, where he interviews experts on plants, shares cool stories on how plants impact our lives, and even shares some lessons from his college classes. In our episode, Vikram and I will chat about his viral TikTok videos, how humans and even animals have helped plants evolve, and why Disney’s The Land is the best ride at the park (and seriously, if you haven’t already, go on the ride the next time you’re at Disney!). We’ll also chat about Vikram’s new book Plants to the Rescue and the inspiration behind his podcast.

Check out Vikram at the links below as well as a clip from the interview over on our YouTube channel.

Planthropology Website

Planthropology Podcast

Show Notes:

Vikram’s Background

Being a Professor

Planthropology Podcast

Reaction videos to dumb plant videos

New book!

Cool plant facts

How do seedless fruits work?

Developing plants for efficient agriculture

How humans have helped plants evo

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