190: Moo-ving Forward: Exploring Dairy Cow Genetics

Everyone in the dairy industry has their favorite breeds of cows. Often it’s the cow that person has the most experience with that tends to be their favorite. But what are the most desirable traits in dairy cows? What breeds might tend to be the most efficient or the most consistent? That’s the topic on this week’s episode with Brad Heins, a faculty advisor at the University of Minnesota who has an extensive background working with dairy cows. In our interview, Brad and I will cover the main pillars in dairy genetics, his top three breeds and why, and how long it takes to see genetic improvements in herds. We’ll also touch base on technology that’s becoming more readily available to dairy farmers and why animal health is always one of the most important aspects to focus on. And check out the clip below from our YouTube channel.

Talking about the genetics of dairy cows with Brad Heins from the University of Minnesota.

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