191: Farming, Movies, and Hawaii – Kualoa Ranch

You’ve actually seen this farm a couple or maybe even a dozen times. Not only is it a beautiful Hawaiian farm filled with countless crops, cows, chickens, and a lot more. But it’s also Hollywood’s favorite filming location for anything tropical. This week, I’m chatting with Taylor Kellerman from Kualoa Ranch in Kaneohe, HI. Taylor is the farm manager at Kualoa and will talk about what all goes into farming at Kualoa, their farming practices and ties to the history of Hawaii agriculture, and of course, what goes into planning filming movies and tv shows on their active farm. We’ll also talk about the challenges of farming in Hawaii, working with local businesses, and the importance of moving cattle before any pyrotechnic scenes are filmed!

Their tours are also super fun. If you’re ever in Hawaii, consider visiting!

Kualoa Website

Kualoa Instagram

Graphics courtesy of Kualoa Ranch.

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