What I’ve Learned about Farmers after Podcasting for 4 Years

There are a ton of common themes I’ve learned after all these years of podcasting. So here are the top 5 topics I’ve noticed.

Farmers are Resilient

Even before the pandemic, farmers have been adapting to meet consumers’ demands and to keep their businesses alive. There is a lot of pressure to keep a first or even an eighth-generation farm going. Not only is it an income, but it’s also a passion and usually a direct tie to their family. But no matter the season, no matter the rise in production costs, or even natural disasters, farmers keep on keepin’ on.

Direct-to-Consumer is the Future

So many online storefronts have popped up in recent years, often thanks to the pandemic. This avenue is a great way to build a customer base around the country and get your products into the hands of customers that usually might not be able to support you. Direct also leads to better profits for farmers since they are cutting out many other aspects that are seen in a typical food supply chain.

Consumers Want to Support Farmers

Often consumers don’t know where to start when it comes to supporting local. But Farmers’ markets, U-Pick operations Farm Tours, and direct-to-consumer products have all helped change that and made it easier than ever. Consumers want to support locals, and these events are helping build relationships and evangelists for farmers.

Social Media is a Game Changer

Farmers sharing their stories, honestly and openly, have been building huge brands, which in turn, drive up customer loyalty. Being honest and sharing your unique view helps customers relate better to the farmer. The important note here is finding a social media platform that works for you and your business. Don’t try to be active on absolutely every platform, as it can be difficult to manage. Instead, find a few platforms that work for you and start by posting consistently.

The Organic vs Conventional Debate is almost over

A new trend is here and consumers want to learn how each farmer is producing in more sustainable practices. We now see phrases like “Regenerative Raised Beef” or “Sustainably Farmed Coffee” all over food packages now as consumer focus now shifts towards the climate. Farmers and ranchers are now sharing how they are helping the climate, which is usually a lot more than the normal consumer might think.

What have you learned about listening to the show for the past four years? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, thank you so much for checking out Farm Traveler.

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