193: Homesteading vs Farming with Noah Young

Today is a fun interview with a farmer you’ve definitely seen on social media! Noah Young is the man behind TheShilohFarm on all social media platforms. Noah has almost a million followers on TikTok and shares fun farming facts and homesteading info across all his channels. In our chat, Noah will explain how he became a full-time content creator, collaborated with other farmers on social media, and juggled content with farming. We’ll also talk about the differences between farming and homesteading, the importance of being transparent and honest while online, and some of his favorite farming facts.

Check out Noah at the links below and here on Youtube  @TheShilohFarm 




Show Notes

Noah going full-time influencer

What got Noah interested in sharing farm facts?

What goes into making viral videos?

Has social media transformed the farmer/consumer relationship?

Recent collabs (Natalie Kovarik, Gatlin Didier)

Farming4dummies podcast with Tyler Froberg

Who are some of Noah’s favorite farming personalities to follow on social media?

Favorite Farm Facts

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