194: The Cider Revolution with Posterity Ciderworks

This episode features our first live tasting as I’m joined by Brendan and Kris Barnard from Posterity Ciderworks. Brendan and Kris started their cidermaking journey to create estate and small batch heritage apple, pear, and quince alcoholic ciders. The process involves low intervention so the fruits can really speak for themselves in the ciders. In our interview, I’m joined by the couple to learn more about cider making, how they work with orchards to get some high-quality fruit, and the intentions of building a business that might one day be run by their kids. We’ll also do a fun tasting of two of their ciders, the Many Plums and the Oh, Shandy! Sparkling Grapefruit Cider

Check out Posterity Ciderworks at the links below!

Posterity Ciderworks Website

Posterity Facebook page

Posterity Instagram

Show Notes

Cider making basics

Impact of different fruits on flavors

Organic or conventional fruits?

Working with orchards

Developing flavors and stories

Shipping cider across the country

Cider Tours and the Cider Club

And a Tasting!

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