195: A Good Whiskey Takes Time – Flyover Whiskey

Grab a glass of your favorite drink and listen to how one small-batch whiskey distillery is making a unique way for farmers to make some very memorable keepsakes. Joe Knobbe is one of the minds behind Flyover Whiskey, and as a farmer himself, Joe was looking at how he and other row crop farmers could remember some significant harvests. Joe and his business partner Devon stumbled upon making custom whiskey from corn harvests. In our interview, Joe and I will chat about their whiskey-making process, some super cool stories they’ve helped share, and the possibility of a future Farm Traveler whiskey!

Check out Flyover Whiskey at the links below!

Flyover Whiskey website

Flyover Whiskey on Facebook

Show Notes

Joe Knobbe’s background

Getting started distilling

Differences of whiskeys

Making custom small batches

Working with farmers to remember crops

Customizing flavors of batches

Whiskey as a wedding party favor?

Distilling vodka, rum vs whiskey

A future Farm Traveler whiskey?!

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