My name is Trevor Williams, joined by my wife and editor-in-chief/CFO, Allie.  I’m determined to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers by learning from anyone and everyone involved in agriculture in order to give consumers a first-hand look at how their food is made.


I’m a former High School Agriscience teacher now software analyst.  I graduated with a B.S. degree in Agricultural Education and Communication with a minor in Environmental Horticulture from the University of Florida.  Farm Traveler was started in 2016 with the motivation and editorial expertise of Allie.  As host and producer of the Farm Traveler Podcast, I reach out to prospective guests, plan and organize interviews, edit/post our interviews, and maintain the Farm Traveler social channels as well as the website.

Allie is a Mechanical Engineer and graduated from the University of South Florida.  She is currently working on her M.B.A. from Auburn University (War Eagle) and dreams of one day opening her own Chick-fil-A.  Allie helps edit all the posts and helps brainstorm ideas.  She’s also extremely patient with our recording process, which sometimes interferes with her Great British Baking Show binge watching.

And this little nugget is our fur-baby, Sadie.  You might hear her in the background of some of our podcast intros.  Sadie can usually be found sleeping under my chair during interviews.


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